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    Check out our HooBlade rigging HOW TO videos on YouTube for instructions.

    Q: What size leader will fit the HooBlade?

    A: The inside diameter of the Protective Sleeve is .062” / 1.57mm. For larger leaders, run the Blade alone .177” / 4.50mm

    Tip: Like most lures, it’s easier to thread the leader from the front. Dull sheers will distort the end of the cut. If you’re really pushing the limits, try using a SHARP knife and cutting the leader at a steep angle.

    Tip: If running the Blade by itself, separating it from the lure may be required to give the blade clearance to spin. Try using; beads, crimps, or even a rigging band.

    Q: Is the HooBlade just for ballyhoo?

    A: While the Protective Sleeve is designed to fit over the face/bill of a rigged ballyhoo, we’ve had success running it with; mullet, mackeral, seedos, squid, ribbon fish, flying fish, blue runners, barjacks, you name it. Check our our How To video for rigging natural baits for rigging instructions and tips.

    Q: Will the HooBlade effect my lure?

    A: Tough question with too many variables to answer quickly. Really depends on what you are using and how you rig and run it.

    While the HooBlade does little to effect the "action" of your lure, it will bring it to the surface much quicker than when run without it. If you haven't reached your desired speed before it surfaces, lowering the pull-point is your best option. Adding weight and running it further back will also net you more speed. 

    Q: What position should I run the HooBlade?

    A: Depends on your desired presentation. The HooBlade will run on top like a "bird" at approx. 5-6 knots with most lures. The Flat Lines are best if you prefer it run under the surface. Beyond 6 knots, planers are a good choice as well as down-riggers. Beyond planer and down rigger speeds, a trolling lead is a must.